Unforgettable wedding venue. One-of-a-kind private escape.

We rented Bali Hi for our 11/21 wedding. Coming from Germany & Minnesota, we wanted an escape for our families to come together and really get to know each other in intimate, peaceful surroundings. Bali Hi was the perfect choice. Below, we're noting our key takeaways of Bali Hi as a rental and a wedding venue. Rental property Bali Hi is paradise. Everything about it is heaven on earth. Watching the view of the ocean from the master suite patio is something we will never forget.

When your hardest decision is between playing in the pool (one of the largest for private homes on Captiva) or walking the 1-minute path to the nearly-private beach (complete w/tropical flora lining the way), you know you're in the right place. We had about 17 guests stay for 5 nights; the property was the perfect size. Most couples had their own rooms.

Bali Hi really had everything we needed. We had very minor struggles w/slow wifi and frustration about how to hook up the sound system, but we knew Our Captiva was there to help if needed. They were available at ALL times throughout our stay. We can't wait to come back. It is resort like but comes with freedom/privacy a resort can't offer. Wedding venue Bali Hi was a great venue for our 88 guests. Due to a downpour, we had to set up a tent from our rentals vendor (Caloosa Rentals), and the Our Captiva came to help provide input on the exact position. Our Captiva also helped us coordinate the outdoor toilet rental and determine trolley details.

The key benefits as a wedding venue: - Breathtaking grounds. Guests will NEVER forget your wedding. - Ability to send packages to Our Captiva prior to the wedding (decor, etc.). They accepted packages for us without a hesitation or complaint. This sounds like a minor detail, but if it didn't happen, the wedding would not have been possible. - Only private home on Captiva w/a full parking lot - Create your own event - as casual/fancy as you want - Guests could walk to Tween Waters following the party on the beach (no need to coordinate taxis on a small island at night)

Bali Hi Newlyweds - Nov.2016,