We spent 10 days at Marina Villa in January 2021. The apartment was very nice with a magnificent view of the marina and bay. There was an enclosed porch from which we could see dolphins frolicking in the bay. The swimming pool was steps away and was very pleasant. It was heated but still refreshing. One thing was lacking that would have been nice: a hot tub. The beach on the Gulf of Mexico was a five minute walk and was perfect for a long stroll and shell collecting. A bar was available for an excellent margarita. Captiva is more sedate than Sanibel with fewer restaurants and smaller crowds of people. Just right for the corona virus era. Doc Ford's is a very good restaurant with outdoor dining at the resort entrance. We had a good, relaxing time here and surely would come back.

"A good, relaxing time here and surely would come back" - Marina Villa 905 - Jan.2021,